Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Mulligan Molly



Mulligan Molly has been adopted!

Mulligan Molly just needs another chance.  She was found on the side of a highway.  It was obvious that she had nursed puppies recently but they were not with her.  When she was brought to us she had very bad teeth and was covered with warts and boils and raw patches .. likely the ravages of a very bad diet.  We have had most of the warts removed.  The boils have healed and her hair is growing back.  Our staff is wild about this dog because she is so appreciative of everything they do for her.  Even a bowl of water seems to make her feel loved. 

Molly gets along with everyone and all other animals.  Even cats.  She is housetrained and has learned "sit" and "paw."  We believe she could learn just about anything if someone were to take a little time with her.