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Rebound has been adopted!

Rebound is a 1 year old Golden Retriever mix.  He was found chained to a tree with no shelter and no food. He had only a bucket of rain water.  Neighbors said he had been chained out for months so he endured all of the summer storms without even the slightest bit of protection. Just feet away from him was another chained dog, a Pit Bull.  She was well-fed and extremely dog aggressive so Rebound knew he was in danger every second.  By the time he arrived at PETS, Inc., Rebound was terrified of everything and everyone ...  but too weak to resist.  He received emergency care in an attempt to keep him alive.  With a prayer and considerable optimism we named him Rebound.   We've seen remarkable progress in the past week and are fairly confident he is going to survive his ordeal.  Rebound will need a gentle, understanding person to help him find the joy in life.