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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State




Sawyer has been adopted!

Sawyer is a schmoozer.  He has spent the last three years welcoming passersby and being a neighborhood greeter.  When the family moved to a patio home with a tiny yard and he had to stay indoors during the day he became anxious.  Moving back is not an option so they are looking for another family that can offer him more companionship and a yard where he can romp and play.  Sawyer is five years old but he still has loads of energy and a taste for adventure. 

Sawyer is housetrained ... very friendly, good with other dogs and has even been nice to the only cat he ever met.  He has only been around toddlers a few times but was gentle each time..   And Sawyer never barks, although he will "Roooooo" when he is particularly excited.