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Winky & all of her pups have been adopted!

Pre-Adopting ... Chihuahua Pups

Winky's Pups will be 6 weeks old on Christmas Eve.  The two larger pups are boys.  They were released to us with Winky and her sister Twinky along with two of her pups.  Twinky's pups have already been pre-adopted.  Now that Winky's pups are healthy and hearty, we are comfortable putting them up for adoption so they can have homes by Christmas too.   Both moms are Chihuauas but we have no idea about the daddy(s) of these litters.   Their owner may have been a novice breeder and was overwhelmed when the moms were not able to feed their newborn pups.  They apparently held out one pup from each litter in hopes of bottle-feeding but when one pup died they brought the last one to us. This little female is about 1/3 the size of the other pups and is extremely frail.  She has made remarkable improvement just in the past three days that she's been with her mom so we are feeling pretty confident she will survive.   We will pre-adopt her too with the understanding that she will need to stay with her mom at least until New Years.  Maybe longer.  

Winky is a sweet but frightened little Chihuahua.  She is perfectly housetrained and we have never heard her bark or growl or even whimper.  She is happy to be held but never asks for attention.  She has lost all vision in one eye due to an untreated injury.