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Cracklin' Rosie has been adopted!

Cracklin' Rosie is officially available for adoption ... She is now 14 weeks old and is making a remarkable recovery from the ravages of extreme neglect.  Cracklin' Rosie came to us almost 4 weeks ago.  She was nearly bald.  Her skin was cracking and bleeding from head to toe.  Her feet and legs were swollen with infection.  Her eyes were burning and nearly swollen shut.  Her ears were oozing with infection too.  She had a severe case of demodectic mange.  She was cold and frightened.  We started Rosie on a battery of nutritional support and gave her skin treatments.  She was sent to one of our best foster homes for daily care and loads of affection.  She has made such progress now that it's hard to believe she is the same puppy.  She is playing and acting like a normal pup except that her twisted bones (malformed because of nutritional deficiency) make her a bit wobbly.  Rickets can be reversed with a proper diet.  The splints provide some stability while we rebuild healthy bones with vitamins and exercise.  

Rosie's foster mom will help guide her adopters through the remaining treatments.  We expect her recovery to take another 3 - 5 months.   

If you are not able to adopt Cracklin' Rosie but can help with her veterinary expenses, please call us at 803-407-8053 or donate on-line at


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