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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State




Jack has been adopted!

Jack was found on a busy road.  He was thin, had some skin issues and a few scars but his spirit was undaunted and he was pretty sure the person who stopped would change his world.  It wasnt' to be.  He was brought to us to find a suitable home so we put him on a better nutritional regimen and in just weeks his skin cleared up (of course he still has the scars) and he put on just the right amount of weight to look like the powerful muscle dog he is.   But Jack's attitude has remained sof t and submissive, and his behavior is generally calm and obedient.  He likes other dogs so we think the scars came from damaged fencing or other sharp objects.  He shows no signs of ever being in a fight. 

Jack was one of the dogs who were lucky enough to go to a foster home during our polar vortex crisis.  We learned from his foster family that he likes to play with doggie toys (especially their dog's Miss Piggy), and now he knows "sit" and "down"commands.  They told us that Jack was a good boy the entire time they hosted him.