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by the SC Secretary of State

Bummer Gump



Bummer Gump has been adopted!

Stay tuned for the transformation.  Bummer Gump is a mess but we are pretty confident that there is 2 - 3 year old Cocker Spaniel hiding under all of those mats.  He will be groomed on January 15th and will be ready for a new home right away.  This dog has not been cared for properly but he seems to trust everyone and even though he is having trouble walking, he is very definitely cheerful and happy to be with us.   The mats are so bad that they are restricting his ability to extend his legs when he tries to walk.  This is especially bad for Bummer because one of his legs has been amputated.  Once he is groomed, we are confident he will do just fine with only three legs but we know that it will hurt his ability to attract an adopter.