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Paisley has been adopted!

Paisley is a 6 month old Lab/Pointer and maybe Great Dane mix. She was one of the lucky dogs who were able to spend a few days in a foster home during the polar vortex crisis when we lost our heat.  Her foster family reports: "Paisley is great around other dogs. I have a 10 month old german shorthair pointer and the two got along great all night!! She is a little shy at first (expected) but after about 10 minutes the two were running around the yard in circles! Once they were exhausted they laid down right next to each other and were perfectly fine. Paisley also met my neighbor's golden doodle, which is quite bigger than she is, and she ran right up and licked her on the face! I don't have any cats, so I'm not sure about those, but I can assure you that she has a very sweet and calm disposition and would probably do great around children! She followed me around all night and day today and you could tell she appreciated any affection she could get because she would lick your hands if you started petting her and would roll over so you could get her belly! She is an interesting mix, possibly hound and maybe some pointer, but her feet and legs look great dane-ish. Her snout though is very small and I find it difficult to believe that she is going to get too too much bigger. I was told that she is only 6 months old and that the shelter has had her for about 5-6 days.