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Boom Boom & Bam Bam



This is Boom Boom.  His brother, Bam Bam won't sit still long enough to get a photo.  These boys are 4-5 months old and so very, very happy to be with us that it was hard to get three feet away from them to be able to take their photos.  Their family is moving and they decided the cats can't go. Teenage cats have a difficult time attracting adopters because they don't tug at our heartstrings like wobbly kittens and they aren't trouble-free adults yet.  Being in that awkward stage, they just seem to be left out most of the time.  This is truly a shame because most teenage cats like Boom Boom and Bam Bam are perfect for children.   They are still goofy enough to be incredibly entertaining but their are smart enough to know how to be gentle with their claws and not to use their sharp teeth on little hands ... and they are savvy enough to know when to get out of the way.   This means less risk of injury (to kittens and people) and fewer vet bills.  They are also at the perfect age to introduce to the family dog because they are big enough to take care of themselves and young enough to want to interact as playmates.