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by the SC Secretary of State




Mazumah was found with an automobile fan belt tied around her neck.  She was digging through a trash can behind a store looking for food when a worked came out flailing at her with a broom.   A rescuer stepped up to stop the abuse and brought her to us.  It's easy to see that this was not the first encounter Mazumah has had with a broom.  Even when we reach to pet her she ducks as if she is expecting a blow.  She always cowers.  Never defends herself.  Her rescuer explained that on the ride to PETS, Inc. Mazumah would duck when she drove under a bridge.  Apparently the shadows frightened her.  This dog will need gentle people to help her find the joy in being part of a family.

Mazuma is about 2 years old ... mostly Chocolate Lab but not very big.