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An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Wonka & Cadbury




Wonka & Cadbury are 1 year old Bassett Hound mix brothers.  They came from a home with twelve dogs where they experienced very little interaction with humans.   They are intimidated by everything and everyone so we moved them into our customer service office where they would have 16 hours of exposure a day to an endless parade of staff, volunteers and visitors.  They hid under the work counter for two days and watched in amazement as we went about our work.  Wonka, the tri-colored one, is now responding well to invitations to potty walks but Cadbury, the brown one, still must be carried out to the grass.  He is so insecure that he shakes when we talk to him.  We can see that he wants attention ... but it is still very scary for him.  We believe these smart little dogs will be fully socialized in just a few weeks.  They just need a bit of patience and lots of soft touches, yummy snacks and sweet talk.