Angel EyesRecognized as

An Angel Charity

by the SC Secretary of State

Oscar & Wilma



Oscar & Wilma grew up together.  They started out as stray kittens.  After being found behind a commercial enterprise, they were taken is as "company cats" and had a marvelous time growing up with the employees and visitors.  They played and learned exceptional social skills.  But after a while it became obvious that the company was just too busy and kitten prints on the paperwork was not a good thing, so one of the staff took them home and they have since become "house cats."  Now they are a year old and a landlord issue has popped up so they have been booted again. 

Everyone loves these cats so a lot of broken-hearted people trying to find them a home where they can be together but time has run out.   Oscar and Wilma will be available on April 4th at our Adoption Center.  They are "sponsored" cats so they will be available on a Two-Fer special and their sponsors will also help with supplies.  Mostly they want to get the word out that these two cats are so very compatible that together they are no more trouble than one cat.