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Gala has been adopted!

Gala is a 2 year old Yellow Lab mix with a troubled past.  When she arrived at PETS, Inc. she would not interact with any of us.  She would only slink away as far as she could get from anyone who looked her way.  She would not even take a treat.  Gala was much the same with other dogs.  She didn't bother them ... but she would not play or hang out with any of them in the exercise yards.  Her fear subsided as weeks passed but then her depression became obvious.  We were afraid she would never adjust so she was removed from the kennels and brought to our customer service area where she initially hid under the desks as our staff and an army of volunteers made efforts to win her trust.  Gradually she has shown improvement ... and yesterday, out of nowhere, she walked to the desk where Meagan was sitting and put her head on Meagan's lap.  What a moment!  Sometimes it's the smallest of successes that keep us inspired.  Today, Gala was almost like a different dog.  She is still ignoring other dogs and she still stays out of the way for the most part, but the fear and depression are gone from her eyes and she is ready now to be close to someone.  We want to help her find that special home quickly ... before she bonds with us and is traumatized by another move.