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The PETSinc fostering program is an extension of our Vet Clinic.

Foster families provide our veterinary staff extra support and vital care to pets going through a stressful or emotional transition, surgical recovery, special needs medical care in need of a quiet place to heal, or a mom and her babies experiencing brand new life together. We do not foster for the public – only animals accepted through our intake procedure who are then our legal responsibility. In exchange for short-term housing and transportation of fostered animals, we provide necessary veterinary care, food, linens, and loan carriers/pens, kiddie pools, and other supplies. Fostering can be a greatly rewarding experience for the entire family.

What Fostering Does:

  • Helps de-stress and socialize pets in preparation for adoption
  • Teaches a pet he/she is loved and can trust humans
  • Helps us create assessments for better and lasting adoption experiences
  • Teaches your kids benevolence
  • Helps save a life by opening up shelter space for another rescue
Foster a Rescue

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